Join GPS and Rishab as they talk about whatever is on their mind that week. We'll try to stick to cloud, code, and career, but who knows.

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Does Linux matter for Cloud?

In this episode, GPS and Rishab discuss the Microsoft hackathon week, their serverless September event, systemd is now supported in WSL, does Linux matter for cloud, a...

Day in the life of a cloud engineer

In this episode, GPS and Rishab discuss Twilio and Patreon layoffs, Microsoft investing in cybersecurity education, what it's like being a cloud engineer, and more!

Professor Rishab

In this episode, GPS and Rishab discuss layoffs at Snap, Google back to hiring? RTO at Apple? Serverless September, Rish is a professor now, what even is DevRel, and m...

Which Certifications impacted our careers

In this episode Gwyn and Rishab talk about thier different tech certifications and the impact they had!

How much money do we make in tech

In this episode Rishab and Gwyn talk about thier salaries in different tech roles!

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